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Brain Trust University

A virtual university that promotes education through online learning, mentorship, and practical experience.  


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Brain Trust University logo
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Creative Process

Collaborated on logo design to incorporate the features and brand messaging pillars the customer identified as important to their branding concept

The university came to us with numerous ideas for logo design. We studied their business model, their values, their goals for branding, and their overall objectives.

We designed four logos using the concepts and ideas they had and then threw in a wild card logo.

They choose the wild card logo because they liked the versatility of the logo as well as the potential for the design concept to cross over into  illustrated advertising opportunities. 

Time Management

Brain Trust University and WebOffice studios collaborate through a shared WebOffice site that promotes transparency and makes it possible for continuous dialogue as the concepts develop. Ease of access and instant sharing allows for multiple stakeholders to be able to have input through out the project journey.

User Testing


Market Research

SEO optimisation and analytics evaluation

Team Management 

The team stayed on target due to the ability of idea sharing through the WebOffice Studio team site and project management methodology.

Product Features

The logo design fit the criteria of the initial design concept without changing the overall objectives of the stakeholders. The customer was pleased with the versatility of the new logo and envisioned the logo becoming a key point of interest that would drive consistency of their branding.


Minimal Design

Flexibility of Design

Creative Idea

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User Experience Research

We spent time learning about the business and used the platform ourselves to understand the unique selling points that Brain Trust University offers their students. 

Brand Redesign

Redesigning the brand was important in elevating the University’s online presence. Through ongoing collaboration with the key stakeholders, a new logo design and marketing strategy was implemented.

Web Development 

The University already had a good website in place but was ranking low on key word searches. With a few minor changes we were able to increase the number of visits to the site and generate more conversions. We continue to monitor the website analytics and build on the successful SEO’s

Social Media Campaign

Created 1, month, 3 month, and 6 month content calendar to streamline posting and maintain consistency of branding and communication.

Brain Trust University has subscribed to a number of our annual services and now that we have partnered with them, they are able to do what they do best- delivering quality education and mentorship to their students- while we take care of the rest of their digital needs.

A great story that just needed a little help getting told

The folks at Brain Trust University and BT Campus dreamed of creating a disruptive education that challenged traditional higher education. Their desire to level the playing field for young people who could not afford or thrive in college was the foundation of their forward thinking vision for a new, supportive platform that enabled students and lifelong learners to receive credit based on merit and not grades. Through mentorship, sponsorship, and business partnerships, Brain Trust University developed an accreditation system that incorporates experience into their program, Thus awarding credit based on university education standards to credential the application of knowledge earned through free learning platforms.


One of the biggest obstacles the University faced when they launched was engaging the right people to sponsor students and drive awareness of their platform to the right audience. Thats where we came in… after a year of groundwork and development, they recognised that the precious time needed to effectively mentor students was being hindered by the everyday tasks of social media management and digital marketing. We were able to assess the success of their website, the return of investment in marketing strategies, the overall branding success, and dive into the analytics to help them develop a more successful strategy to drive better results.

The numbers

Successful social media campaigns along with a keen understanding of the analytics tracked, increased traffic to their website, inbound calls and ultimately better leads and conversations.

  • Conversion Rate – 90%
  • Return Users – 77%
  • Social Following – 85%


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

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